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Program Leadership

Program Office Staff

  • Hector Albiter

    Hector Albiter

    Program Administrator
    (858) 534-3377


    Degree Exam Paperwork
    Academic Forms/Procedures
    Time Limit Extensions                          Policy and Exceptions to Policy
    Curriculum/Course Scheduling 


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  • Vianney Navarro

    Vianney Navarro

    Program Coordinator
    (858) 534-7875

    Event Coordination
    Curriculum/Course Evaluations
    Website Maintenance/Updates
    Communications/NGP List Servers Seminar Series 



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  • Erin Gilbert

    Erin Gilbert

    Financial Services Analyst

    Funding Exception Forms
    Graduate Student Researcher Positions
    Teaching Assistant Funded Positions
    Fellowship Entries/Management                Tuition and Fees Entries

  • Cierra Weaver

    Cierra Weaver

    Programs Support Coordinator 

    SOM Programs Support
    Event Planning
    Hotel/Travel Assistance